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Dr Deshmukh on Sleep Disorder in Pune Times of India - May 28,2012.

Sleepless in Pune

Study shows ours is the 6th most sleep-deprived city in the country
Neha Ghatpande
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Posted On Monday, May 28, 2012 at 09:01:40 AM
A health study recently published by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India(ASSOCHAM) has found that Pune ranks sixth when it comes to those affected with sleep disorders. 

Doctors in the city have also confirmed that they are seeing a large number of youngsters, seeking treatment for various sleep disorders.  The most common sleep disorders amongst Puneites were insomnia, sleep apnea and snoring, that has serious health ramifications. Number of patients has tripled in two years and they are mostly youngsters. “The most prominent reason in Pune is the work pattern.
The number of jobs in the BPO and IT industry that demand night shifts has increased. Stress is also a major reason for sleep disorders,” said Dr. He added that obesity and breathing-related problems are on the rise in the city, that also contribute to sleep disorders.   

Doctors believe people are unaware or unable to understand that sleep disorders have to be treated. Many, who cannot sleep or suffer from sleep-related problems indulge in self medication and take sleeping pills. 

Dr Swapnil Deshmukh, who runs a sleep speciality clinic in Pune and is a psychiatrist, said that the first issue with patients who have sleeping disorders is that they have to deal with their addiction to sleeping pills. “I see many patients who take 5 to 6 sleeping pills daily. 

First, we reduce their intake of pills and then treat them. Self medication can lead to heart and blood pressure problems. People should consult doctors before taking sleeping pills,” he said. 

Health and social problems 

The first sign of a sleep disoprder is a severe headache, abdominal pain, acidity, poor digestion, general weakness, heart and blood pressure problems. “Sleeping pills or their overuse can cause such physical ramifications if the disorder is not treated at an early stage,” said Dr Deshmukh.
In case of insomnia, anxiety and depression is caused due to the lack of sleep. Upto 20 per cent of sleep disorders can be psychological,” added Deshmukh. These persons perform poorly in their professions and have punctuality problems. Their self confidence is affected.

Pune’s most common sleep disorders
Insomnia: Sleeplesness
Sleep Apnea: Breathing problems Snoring 


The signs 

•    First one should rule out temporary situations such as examinations, profession pressure of meeting a deadline or any emotional problem. If sleeplessness or disturbed sleep patterns persist, then one should see a specialist.



•    Number of jobs in BPO and IT industry that demand night shifts has increased
•    Stress related problems
•    Obesity and breathing-related problems 

Dietary and lifestyle changes

•    Doctors advise very few dietary changes but they are vital
•    Avoiding soft drinks, chocolate and foods containing tannin or caffeine in addition to coffee and tea
•    Dinner should be very light and should not include high-calorie food 
•    Should be eaten two hours before bedtime

•    Meditation and Yoga in the evening
•    No gym after office hours
•    Walking and simple exercises 
•    Hot water bath at night 
•    Washing feet with cold water before going to bed 

  Case Studies  

32 -year-old IT professional
Sleep disorder: Snoring 

This IT professional, with mild obesity could not go on trips with his friends because of his sleeping disorder which started affecting his psychological health. Dr studied his sleep pattern. He had a high-degree snoring problem. 

An endoscopy was performed and a blockage was discovered in his nose. He was asked to lose weight and a radiographic treatment was performed which removed the blockage. This has solved his snoring problem and increased restful sleep. His social and psychological health has improved.

50-year-old financial sector employee
Sleep disorder: Restless leg syndrome

A woman suffered restless leg syndrome — a rare disorder in which a person keeps moving his/her legs unknowingly. The problem is caused due to the secretion of a certain chemical in the brain. 

She was addicted to three sleeping pills. She had sought many treatments, but the disorder was not diagnosed. Her sleep pattern was studied and she was treated with simple medication. 

Dr Deshmukh had to first deaddict her from sleeping pills and asked her to follow a simple diet and exercises. Her professional life was suffering as a result of poor concentration and her family life too was stressed.

Dr Deshmukh, 09923291312.


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